Mission and Vision

Established in 1959, Duron has been providing specialized construction & concrete services throughout Canada. The Duron brand has since been expanded into several regional independently owned & operated companies.

In the Greater Vancouver area, Duron Specialty Contracting Group a leading contractor for commercial roofing, specialty flooring, concrete restoration and Specialized General Contracting, has been serving the lower mainland for over 60 years. Duron Specialty Contracting Group is led by Duron (BC) founder’s son, Bruce Taylor, who has a reputation for producing quality work and with a professional approach.

Concrete Restoration Division

Including structural restoration, concrete repair, expansion joint repair & installation, and concrete waterproofing.

Specialized General Contracting Division

Because of the large scope of our services, we can provide nearly 100% of qualified tradespeople, with few sub-trades hired, providing smoother construction services.

Specialty Flooring Division

We offer the following specialty flooring, three types of Terrazzo flooring, Industrial flooring, and Quartz flooring.

Commercial Roofing Division

Including new construction, roof replacement roof repair, and alternate roofing types such as green roofing systems.

Our Values

Duron Specialty Contracting Group focuses on these 6 core values that defines who we are and everything we do:


Safety is first and foremost… Safety is more than a priority, it has always been front and centre, an inherent part of the way we work. The safety of our employees, customers, colleagues and the community is our biggest responsibility; a part of every aspect of our work.


Good Leaders make it better…. We lead each project through collaboration and utmost performance. Leadership is part of everyone's role in the company, bringing out best to every effort. We lead by example and invest in our employees strengthening our tradition of excellence.


Protecting our environment for future generations… We recognise the lasting and permanent presence of our work activities and protect the environment by upholding effective and efficient environmental and sustainable practices as part of everyday business.


Integrity is the essence of everything successful Buckminster Fuller We operate all aspects of our business in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We adhere to the principles of honestly and transparency in all our interactions with personnel, clients, subcontractors and the public.


We persistently apply diligence, dedication and attention to detail in delivering high quality projects, products and excellence in customer service. We are committed to building our expertise through continuous learning, education and mentorship. We never accept complacency or indifference as we deliver Duron's tradition of excellence.


Innovation is essential when it comes to the exciting and adapting urban world. Duron on focuses constantly innovating more efficient and effective methods to satisfy your needs.

The Duron Tradition

Established in 1959, Duron has been providing specialized multi-trade contracting services throughout Canada. Since our inception, the Duron brand expanded into several regional independently owned & operated companies.

In 1968 Bruce Taylor Sr., a long-time Duron employee, brought the Duron brand to British Columbia. In the following 50 + years Duron has grown into a leading multi-trade contractor offering services in Concrete Restoration, Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing, Terrazzo & Specialty flooring and specialized general contracting.

Today Duron Specialty Contracting Group Ltd., lead by the founder’s son, Bruce Taylor Jr, proudly continues the Duron Tradition of quality work and a professional approach. Specializing in concrete Repair & Restoration, Roofing & Waterproofing, Terrazzo & Specialty Flooring and Specialized General Contracting, Duron has in-depth expertise and experience to take on the most complex projects.

Meet The Duron Team

The success of every project is the result of our team of construction management professionals. At Duron, our leaders have extensive experience in executing complex projects in a highly collaborative and professional style. Each member of our leadership team plays a vital role in guaranteeing that our projects are delivered on time and within budget, while meeting client needs.