Safety is not just a way of life; it is for life

The Duron Specialty Contracting Group Ltd. is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of its workers and subcontractors. We understand that all members of our team share the responsibilities for health and safety, and for the protection of our natural environment.

What does HSE look like at Duron?

We promote health, safety and environmental awareness to our employees through the use of a combination of in-house training, third party off-site training, regular toolbox meetings, and regular site inspections.

We use a web-based app and our own data sets to provide tracking of HSE statistics in order to stay on top of trends regarding our Health, Safety Environment (HSE) Program.

We review our HSE Program annually. This program manual is a living document, updated with changes to legislation, guidelines, and best practices. The HSE Program is audited annually to ensure that we are following best practices and complying with provincial and federal regulations.

Every worksite has Site Specific Safety Plans to ensure that our jobsites remain safe for all workers, subcontractors, and visitors.

Our goal is to create, maintain, and develop a culture of health and safety and to do our utmost to protect the environment.

Our Certifications

Duron Specialty Contracting Group Ltd. is a Certificate of Recognition (COR) certified company and is accredited through both Contractor Check and ComplyWorks to ensure that our safety practices are maintained above industry standards.