Commercial Waterproofing

Our Waterproofing Division offers a complete line of waterproofing systems to protect concrete from water erosion. No matter the type of building, our team of professionals will ensure any structure is sealed tightly for years to come. We apply and maintain liquid and solid membrane waterproofing technologies that are designed and developed by some of the industry’s largest and most reputable manufacturers. Duron staff are experienced and up to date on the latest applications and expertise.

Our Sub-services

Balcony & Pedestrian Deck Waterproofing

It is imperative to protect wearing surfaces like concrete from pedestrian traffic abrasion, and in the case of concrete, protection from freeze-thaw damage and chloride induced corrosion with its destructive force on reinforcing steel. Where decks are elevated, we use coatings to provide excellent waterproofing for the occupied space below.

Plaza & Podium Deck Waterproofing

Increasingly buildings incorporate landscaped decks and roofs commonly known as plazas or podiums. These suspended decks require waterproofing for protection of the structure itself as well as any occupied space or vehicle parking below. Whatever the usage, it is vital the correct waterproofing system is selected. Duron offers a wide array of liquid and sheet membrane systems to provide what you need and expert installation.

Parking Structure Waterproofing

Duron understands the unique challenges clients face when it comes to protecting and waterpoofing parking structures. We offer multiple traffic coating systems using epoxy, urethane, PMMA and PUMA resin technologies that are highly flexible and resilient. Whether pedestrian or traffic coatings, these seamless and highly durable waterproofing systems provide superior protection of concrete substrates.

New Construction

Duron Roofing Ltd has 50+ years of experience in the commercial roofing industry. With our highly trained and qualified roofing technicians we are known in the industry for our performance in ensuring top quality and efficient installations. Our experience in new construction roofing is extensive and covers a multitude of roof systems. Those systems include the following:

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Commercial Roofing

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