About Concrete Restoration

Duron’s Concrete Restoration Division is an expert in the repair, replacement and protection of damaged, deteriorated or defective concrete on all types of buildings and structures.

Whether it’s parking garages, exterior building structural repairs, or concrete balcony & podium repairs, we are the premier contractor for all your restoration needs.

Our Sub-services

Building Exterior & Balcony Restoration

At Duron Specialty Contracting Group, we offer a complete range of balcony and building exterior concrete repair services. Whether your structure requires full balcony concrete slab replacement, or localized slab, slab edge, soffit or vertical wall repairs, Duron has the solution for your restoration needs.

Parking Garage Restoration

With over 50 years of experience Duron’s Parking Garage Restoration Division is the industry leader in restoration, resurfacing, waterproofing and coating applications on interior and exterior parking garage ramps and decks. We provide superior quality, cost effective solutions to fulfill your resurfacing and restoration project demands.


Shotblasting can be a fast and affordable solution to prepping concrete. Not to be confused with sandblasting, shot blasting uses steel beads to polish or clean the surface of the concrete. The tiny beads of metal blast away any debris or stains that can’t be removed from the concrete with regular cleaning. Shotblasting can be used as a method for both cleaning concrete or prepping it for other repairs or applications, as needed.

Expansion Joints

Our company has vast experience in engineering, estimating and installing interior and exterior expansion joint systems to your exacting specifications. Duron is a licensed installer of the Wabocrete, Emseal and Watson Bowman preformed heavy duty gland joint systems We have installed expansion joints in bridges, parking garages, tennis courts, under swimming pool decks and in many varied applications.

Terrazzo Flooring

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Commercial Roofing

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